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Ache is carried on the back after such phenomenon, almost each person has experienced, worked when us especially a few compare overworkedShanghai noble baby

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After physical strength is vivid, with respect to the back after particularly easy meeting feels acid aches, but when a few people ache, may appear in left, or on the right side of, also a few people can feelAShanghai night net

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Become aware whole hind the back is ache, regular ache is probable because vertebral respect disease is brought about,be, so left hind how to carry ache on the back to should do?

Left hind back ache

Because the following reason causes,the back aches is commonly:

The shoulder that many respiratory system diseases cause 1. carries ache on the back, general after back, side is carried on the back or shoulder blade ministry, commonner have pleural adhesion, lung cancer and n/med tuberculosis.

Bosom of companion of disease of 2. heart and vessels is painful person with angina pectoris, cardiac muscleForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Infarction is common.

3. bravery angina, pancreatic disease, stomach and duodenum tumour also can cause humeral back to acheForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Left hind back ache

The meet with such as 4. bone tumour or kidney, bladder, uterus, lung suffers from tumor move to come bone of bladebone, centrum, costal.

Cent of disease of 5. cervical vertebra more, the symptom is complex also, the neck shoulder back that its cause is aching, bilge besides acid of neck shoulder back, object ache, cervical and rigid outside waiting for unwell feeling, still have limbs coma, faint, giddy even, have a headache etc. Medical history is relatively longer, head, neckFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, shoulder, back, arm breaks out repeatedly sorely, accompany corresponding tenderness is nodded

Left hind back ache

6. cervical sprain and stiff neck often because cervical activity is improper, or Morpheus position is bad bring about local muscle by sprain. Medical history is shorter, tenderness dot is fixed and be located in muscle to injure a ministry, see more with the upper part inside shoulder blade, and companion muscle convulsion, can touch a flesh of convulsion of all alone shape with apparent tenderness bundle, cervical activity suffers be restricted apparent.

Phlogistic ache is all round 7. shoulder joint all round humeral joint, aching range is wider, the disease since most patient is slow. Expression suffers apparently for humeral joint activity be restricted;X line many not have apparently unusual

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