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Article introduction

It is certain to have a lot of people arrived the age, lumbar interverbebral disc can be highlighted, perhaps get disease of a few other lumbar. Ordinary people can choose motion to alleviate disease, although this is a kind of good method, but must choose according to oneself circumstance, lumbar is bad cannot of Sunday run have run, can create very great pressure to lumbar otherwise, accentuate thereby illness. Can stone’s throw has a few slight campaign appropriately, can have curative effect to the illness.

 Lumbar is bad can ran

Lumbar interverbebral disc highlights a patient do not encourage Sunday run run, but scientific and right amount ran takes exercise can enhance a waist effectively to carry muscle strength on the back, thereby betterA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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prevent lumbar be highlighted again and retreat change, but runSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Some item need special attention before.

1, a copy kept as a record should choose when ran thick, a bit softer shoes, so that alleviate effectively the wallop when crural touchdown, slow down is right the concussion of lumbar interverbebral disc.

2, lumbar interverbebral disc highlights acute period not to suggest ran, the ran of this phase is exciting, nerve root1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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small kinetic friction can add heavy oedema, aggravating symptom, because this patient is in,acute period Ying Duoping lies rest.

3, good waist heat preservation is done when ran the job and do not want sprain waist, in order to because of,avoid catch cold catch cold or traumatic bring about what lumbar interverbebral disc highlights to break out again.

4, good warm-up is done first before running, but do not suggest to do bow too much, the action that presses a leg. Ran process should successive, best foregone runs slowly again. With slow, comfortable give priority to, do not seek rate.

 Lumbar is bad can ran

5, if the waist in ran process appears unwell symptom should suspend campaign instantly, apply in time to normal hospital diagnose when necessary treat, must not maintain forcedly.

The prominence stimulation to nerve root can be reduced like be being bent as a result of the protruding after lumbar and side, the Zong Ren after can making takes tension to strengthen, it is certain to have to prominence restrain effect. The person is in when riding a bicycle, just is to be in bow, prominence is right now right of nerve rootFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Exciting and lesser, proper can alleviate by bicycle lumbar interverbebral disc dash forward1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The symptom that go out.

1, swim

Swimming also is to alleviate between the waist dish outstanding exercise a method well, especially breaststroke, to the waist dish of effect with highlight and recover to have better after operation of a few lumbar.

2, the motion having oxygen with proper motion having oxygen can reduce lumbar burden very well, can enhance lumbar flexibility and muscle power, interverbebral disc of waist of can effective treatment is outstanding, go quickly for instance and canter, everyday or tertian activity is controlled 30 minutes.

 Lumbar is bad can ran

3, mountain-climbing

Mountain-climbing can increase the power of ham muscle and lumbar flesh very well, but the attention wants measurable, excessiveForum of Shanghai night net

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Overworked can increase the burden of lumbar.

Sweet clew:

Proper motion can alleviate symptom, but the development that can not control an illness, so between the waist dish outstanding patient cannot sheet relies on motion to achieve the goal that cures lumbar interverbebral disc to highlight, should moving appropriately while, should accept standard treatment actively.

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