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Stubborn sex acne this is the sex of skin of one seed coat that human body appears very easily disease, and its relapse particularly easily instead answer a kind of disease of fit, want to effect a radical cure this kind of disease is very difficult. And cure is not the most important, Fall in love with the sea

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Manage and the precaution in living daily just are Chongzhongzhi is weighed, should pay attention to for instance rest, eat excitant food less, maintain skin sanitation to wait a moment, stubborn sex acne introduces how to should be treated in detail below.

Stubborn sex acne

Acne is the common disease that a kind of kid breaks out easily repeatedly. Belong to agnail of wool bursa sebaceous glands. A lot of patients are treated for a long time repeatedly, but curative effect not beautiful. The method that basically introduces to a few kinds prevent and treat stubborn sex acne below:

1.The attention rests, avoid overworked; not to stay up late the food that; eats fat and acrimony deepfry less.

2. acne often is a variety of rash exist at the same time, can nod ointment of dimension formic acid with external use like acne, inflammation can use bit of husband on the west ground acid or cross ointment of acyl of oxidation benzene armour.

3. if acne inflammation is fierce, can antibiotic of dot of profess to convinced is like perfect mildew element.

4. if acne is amalgamative have more cyst, bit OKer1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Preparation of dimension formic acid is like Taiersi.

5. acne is amalgamative dermatitis of fat excessive sex, scar, skin is qualitative bad. Can the laser of all sorts of types adjusts have the aid of. At the same time the proposal uses certain medicine to protect skin to taste. Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also is one of right remedial choices.

Stubborn sex acne

Anyhow, acne remedy is a comprehensive treatment, choose scientific and sound plan to be able to be treated effectively, prevent recrudesce.

Acne says because skin horn is changed,acne is again excessive the wool bursa sebaceous glands that causes embolism skin fat to excrete obstacle be caused by is chronic inflammation good hair at facial with the bosom back has blackhead papula a variety of expression forms such as pustular tubercle and cyst its come on mechanism

Directive opinion: Dietary appropriate is delicate feed less adipose with carbohydrate avoid excitant food kelp is algal etc contain iodineShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Fast food can make male hormone increases exciting sebaceous glands to secrete accentuation to the illness also should eat less or do not eat exquisite skin sanitation to prevent damage of skin of the extruding that use a hand inside body.

Stubborn sex acne

Commonly used hot water and soap are washed have a department, make leather fat decreases. Eat less adipose reach acrimony, fry to wait. Eat vegetable and fruit more. Drug uses inside: One, vitamin: Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, preparation of compound vitamin B, vitamin E has certain curative effect. 2, Wei Jia is acerbity kind: Dimension amine fat 251000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Mg, a day 3. 3, endocrine preparation: Leather damage is serious person but take into consideration the circumstances gives. 4, antibiotic: A few days ago home still with tetracycline the most commonly used, curative effect is good, meeting effect is little, begin daily 1-2g, decrease a quantity to come gradually later 0.25g/ day, continuously 2-3 month, element of chloric Lincoln mildew, 150mg, a day 2, illA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Circumstances changes one day after control, use consecutively 3 months above. 5, zincic preparation: Licorice zinc capsule, 0.2g/ second, a day 3, curative effect evaluation is differ. 6, facial medicaments is massaged. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats criterion: Clear lung is hot, dispel lung wind advocate, be like drink of clear lung loquat.

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