[hand pressing wind becomes nightmare why] _ does – of reason of _ of nightmare _ origin

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When a lot of people sleep in the late evening become nightmare particularly easily, actually we become the matter of nightmareShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The oneself with us has very big concern, if we are easy before sleep cranky, or days when bring into contact with a few more fearsome things, become nightmare very easily in night, the movement of some moment Morpheus also can cause nightmare, so is because,the hand presses wind to become nightmare what?

 Hand pressing wind becomes nightmare why

In our body the organ is to be being connected, because the hand is pressing wind,becoming nightmare is, bring about breath not fluent, wind still meets what cover tightly a bit. Of course this kind of state is not to said to get some kind of disease, put these anguish in Morpheus however, use next do nightmare to hint. Of course what my answer did not resemble first floor is complete, still adopt him! I am only and say simply

 Hand pressing wind becomes nightmare why

Because the person is to show those who loosen condition all over when Morpheus condition, if sleep when the arm is pressing wind ministry, (The quilt of the lid overweight or place of the upper part of the body when sleeping is controlling overmuch clothing and other articles of daily use euqally such also) the ” pressure ” that makes the other place of the body is loosening condition to fall to make bosom gets relatively then wants normaller than ” circumstance to fall (the hand is not put. Allow soForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Make easily the breath influence; that is oppressed right now, because cerebral cell is not be dead stop job, the certain sense function of the body stillForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Exist, but because the person is to be in,rest condition and thinking activity may become ” does not connect ” of be used to and produce a few ” bizarre “” picture ” , so the person often is met ” feels ” is chased after by other person on gasForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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And oneself also run at another o’clock to be not moved wait dream a moment, this is the cause of formation of so called nightmare.

 Hand pressing wind becomes nightmare why
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Put wind for long when the hand, can affect respiratory system, at this moment splanchnic and whole system, can be affected certainly, and these influences, still can’t let feel ” painful ” and make physiology react (awake) , and human body is very wonderful, the condition that he can be in through be in now (the) in deepness Morpheus, give a few hint, let awake, treat condition of this kind of unwell.

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